The Journey

The Journey

Most everyone today is searching for something. Each of us desires a sense of connection, growth, authenticity and passion in life! We believe Jesus Christ brings that to the Table. He touches our hearts, opens our minds and ultimately changes our lives–and our passion is to share Him and His story with you. To us it is about more than a religion; it is a faith journey we travel together, about receiving forgiveness through One who doesn’t hold it against us. This is a way of life, where people can start over, find joy and begin to live again.

Finding Joy

Many people think finding joy and living again after failure is almost impossible in this world. Don’t let them fool you. You and I can find confidence in the pages of the Bible, which introduce us to real people, real issues, a real way of life! These stories are not mere legend, but true words inspired by a God who is alive and wants you to find meaning and authenticity in your life! It is in the pages of Scripture that we find women and men who share stories not much different from our own. They found joy through struggle and hardship. They found life where alone they would have found a dead end.

Finding Strength

We need a continual source of strength to hold on to and support us in the journey. We believe a supernatural strength is given to us in the sacraments. These are Christ within us, nourishing us. Christ feeling our joy and our sorrow. Christ knowing our needs before we can express them. Christ building up our faith life, our spiritual life, our eternal life. It is Jesus, on the Cross, offering himself up–offering himself for you and me.

Finding Home

Traveling together on this journey creates a safe place–the church–where we can establish, maintain and transform our relationship with God.

As you certainly know, there are many expressions of the church in today’s world. At Holy Trinity we believe in the importance of being a family to one another, not just a gathering of Sunday morning spectators. We also believe in the importance of worshiping the Lord in spirit and truth. So, our worship is bible-centered, a contemporary expression of the early church, and open to the leading and power of God’s Spirit.

We invite you to our home and this wonderful journey with God!… We invite you to come and see!