The Missionary Diocese of All Saints

In  2009 a new diocese was born within the Anglican Church in North America, The Missionary Diocese of All Saints.  Our Bishop, William H. Illgenfritz, recently wrote, “We started this Missionary Diocese with nothing but the grace of God: no congregations, no church planters, and no money. We started exactly where God wanted us – totally dependent on His Providing. And the providing has begun.”

The diocese has grown to nearly thirty parishes and missions in Arizona, Texas, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Florida, New Jersey, New York, New Mexico, South Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware.

Happily, Holy Trinity Cathedral is part of this Diocese and we are a Cathedral because Bishop Richard Lipka calls us his home. This doesn’t mean Bishop Lipka is present here every Sunday, on the contrary he visits other churches in the Diocese and we are happy when he is able to spend his Sundays with us. You can learn more od our Diocese by going to .