The Christian life is not meant to be lived alone. We were created for Connection – with God and with one another. Yet each of us must take our own path, one where God is leading us to grow deeper in faith and become more like Him each day. At Holy Trinity Cathedral, we are growing to be more like Christ by knowing, loving, and serving God and others.

Worship is just the beginning!
For many, a worship service is the first step on this journey of faith. Maybe you’ve been attending here for two weeks, maybe ten years. Maybe you’ve already tried a few things; maybe you’ve just come each week and worshiped quietly.
We know one of the best ways to nurture your growing relationship with Jesus Christ is to belong to a small group of Christian friends who encourage, challenge and support you as you discern and live out your life mission. We’ll help you find a group best suited for you based on where you live, your interests, or your life situation. We’re positive there’s one group that will be a great place for you to belong, grow and serve.
Make a Difference – Become a part of something bigger than yourself. Use your gifts and experience to serve others. Develop friendships along the way while serving in our local community, the world abroad, or within the walls of Holy Trinity Cathedral.
Our Groups and Ministries!
Community is where we connect and explore the faith with others who are also on the journey. It’s the place where we begin to examine Christianity, study the Bible and discover how we can know, love and serve God each day of our lives.