In Your Corner – 1.1

In Your Corner

Ancient Words Alive for Today

Jeremiah 33: 2-3

“This is what the Lord says,… ‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’”


Prayer Corner


Colossians 4:2 instructs us to “Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.” We are ALL called to pray–not just some of us.  True, some feel called by God to intercede for others. Yet there is no special anointing, as in the gifts of the Spirit. Prayer is a gift given to everyone.  It is amazing that our Almighty Sovereign God would even listen to us, let alone answer! Isn’t it a marvel that we can communicate with the King of the Universe whenever we choose? We should never take this gift for granted. God has a call on our lives and He gets his work done through his servants.


Personal Corner

Bill and Isabelle Smith recently celebrated 68 years of marriage, a relationship clearly protected by God and guided by prayer. In 1942 their first date was Labor Day Weekend in Ocean City amid blackouts, air raid drills and German subs sinking ships off the coast. Bill enlisted in the Marines and finished college at Villlanova before they married on April 21,1945, Bill was sent to Guam; soon after, the A-bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, with Bill’s unit narrowly escaping being sent to Japan. Following the war came Maryland Law School, two children (now expanded to four grands and three great-grands) and active participation in the Episcopal Church. Retiring to the Atlantic coast, they attended Holy Spirit Chapel in north Ocean City and remember Father Larry inviting them to “Open your Bibles,” a new concept to them. Now as founding members of Holy Trinity, they continue to worship God and allow the power of prayer and God’s Word to be a central part of their lives.


Outreach Corner

Prayer Shawls

Some years ago, Jan Kindley and Alice Kelser began a ministry that has blessed over 40 people so far with beautiful prayer shawls to surround them with God’s love as they deal with illness. Jan and Alice , along with Jenny Farrier, knit or crochet shawls, all the while praying for the needs of the person who will receive it (sometimes known and sometimes yet to be revealed) and desiring that Jesus, not the needleworker, be glorified. After Bishop Rich blesses a shawl, it is delivered in a decorative box with scented soap and a lovely card. Jenny was first a recipient before she started crocheting one and says, “For me it’s like being wrapped up in God’s love and comfort, just awesome.”


Teaching Corner

On Prayer: Fr. Larry

Much of our problem with prayer is that we do not understand what it really is. We view prayer as a means of telling and getting from God what we want. So, what happens when we don’t receive what we request? We feel like failures, rejected by the God we seek. But prayer is a relationship. It is a matter of intimacy… child to Father and Father to child. That is why He taught us to pray, “Our Father”. Andrew Murray, once wrote, “The knowledge of God’s Father-love is the first and simplest, but also the last and highest lesson in the school of prayer. These words (Our Father) are the key to the whole prayer, to all prayer. It is in the knowledge of God’s Fatherliness, revealed by the Holy Spirit, that the power of prayer will be found to root and grow.”


Kindness Corner

(Intentional, not random, acts of kindness)

¤ Call someone who has a special need to say you are praying

¤ Write a note or send an email with a Scripture that you are praying for that person

¤ Keep a journal and pray for others’ needs daily


Events Corner

May 5 – Discovery Class
May 11 – Men’s Breakfast/Bible Study
May 18 – Grounds Work Day
May 19 – Confirmations & Receptions
June 8 – Faith & Family Night at Shorebirds Stadium
June 17-21 – Vacation Bible School